Ryan Nugent

Associate Technical Director at Hyder Consulting

"Raffaele worked for me as Senior Specialist Lighting Designer during my tenure as Electrical Engineering Manager at Medland Metropolis. During this time I found his professionalism exemplary. Time and time again, he went above and beyond the 'call of duty' to provide our clients with high level service. It is rare to find someone with both professional skills and raw talent for his chosen field. As a qualified Architect and Lighting Designer, he not only provides fantastic conceptual ideas; but also has the practical ability to negotiate with suppliers too provide a cost effective, practical, and working solution to clients. His ability to liaise with engineering colleagues to complete the design made is role seamless for the company."

December 31, 2014, Ryan managed RAFFAELE at Medland Metropolis


Said Al-Zebdeh. Electrical Design Engineer at Medland Metropolis.

"I have been working with Raffaele for the past year on various projects.
With every lighting he designs, he uses light to create a painting

He is passionate which has been demonstrated through his hard work and motivation, his research of the latest and greatest in the world of lighting. This past year I have witnessed many clients who have acknowledged and thanked his vision and spectacular designs."

August 3, 2014, Said worked directly with RAFFAELE at Medland Metropolis.


Shweta Kapoor. Lighting Designer at PointOfView.

"I have worked with Raffaele on a number of projects and have found him to be a very dedicated and hardworking person. He is a  very creative designer with an eye for detail and is always ready to lend a helping  hand and is a great asset to any studio. He works brilliantly within a team and is positive attitude makes working with him a great pleasure. I wish him the very best in his future. "

May 21, 2013.  Sydney.


Pierre Asaadi . Design Manager at KKDC.

"I worked with Raffaele for over 6 months, He's very passionate and creative in design and certainly capable of managing and controlling the given tasks individually from start all the way to the completion stage."

May 14, 2013.  Sydney.


Athanasios Grammatikopoylos . Entrepreneur.

"Raffaele is one of those rare individuals that while enjoys by giving to people-in-need, uses that positive feeling as energy to further develop more projects.
I met him in 2011 through a cross-border exchange programme for me as a new aspiring entrepreneur with collaboration for Fabertechnica, and since then we collaborated in occasions within the Led Lighting sector.

Among this group of co-operation, Raffaele stood out for his extraordinary combination of poise, energy, and good humor. It was obvious to me that he is a solid co worker and hard worker.

For his integrity, focused skills and organizational ability, I’m pleased to recommend hereby Raffaele to anyone who considers a Lighting Designer  and Architect always prepared to make a contribution. I think he would be a great addition to any company, particularly since he brings an international perspective along with his many other assets."

2012.  Rome.  Athanasios worked directly with RAFFAELE at Fabertechnica


Marco Frascarolo. Director at Fabertechnica  Rome.

Raffaele is a very good professional, responsible,  very good capacity with the relationship with clients and colleagues. He developed, as project manager,  some projects of tunnel lighting (including fixture optic design), that was a challenging work of knowledge and patience. He make a research concerning new technology, specially LED lighting.  He participated also in other projects of road and outdoor lighting."

2012, Fabertechnica was RAFFAELE's client. 


Michele Bruno. Architect and Lighting Designer. Rome.

"Raffaele hold a very tough and intense work of lighting consultant on public lighting throughout a whole year, investigating on light energy saving dealing with tunnel lighting and street lighting.
He had the possibility to go deep in both fields and of course he gained a great experience on it."

2011.  Rome. Michele managed RAFFAELE indirectly at Fabertechnica.