TV renovation shows: what's the tee?


“Who has murdered Design?”

This is what Miranda Priestly, the character beautifully interpreted by Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada, would likely scream after watching one of the renovation shows currently on TV.

She probably wouldn’t even been able to watch an entire episode.

The idea of bringing on TV every day people with no design background, designing interiors in undervalued areas and resell it for a ridiculous amount of money thanks to the TV is simply genius, from a marketing point of view.

Design wise… does it diminish the important expertise of real and qualified Designers? Controversial.

Should the TV judges provide feedback more often and at earlier stages? For sure.

Lighting wise the television renovation show format is a complete disaster. The principles of lighting have been messed up and sculled quickly like a Martini on a very hot day on boat party.

Colour temperature coordination: a warm light here, a cool light there, joinery not coordinated.

Different use of the space: the lighting design in the bathroom is different from the kitchen or the bedroom. Just adding downlights won’t do the job.

Control system: just saying “smart control system” doesn’t mean it works how it should. It is a learning opportunity lost for the audience.

Multifunctional layers of lighting lost like the tan after summer: lighting not only from the ceiling but for creating different settings.

Energy savings and maintenance costs reduction: LEDs do not make miracles by themselves, especially if cheap quality.

Why it is so difficult to bring on board talented lighting designers to provide support in the dry valley of clichés and commercials every 5 minutes?

Lighting Design requires expertise in order to marry the Interior Design and the overall concept.