Workplace Lighting trends

(Photo: Pepper Workplace. Lighting by Raffaele De Vita)

Like the peaceful waters of the Oceans, where creatures live, grow and develop, a workplace should be a place where employees can collaborate, feel comfortable and enjoy the surrounding environment.

These are key elements for improving Wellbeing and Productivity.

That’s why hospitality and retails design skills are always more often brought on board when designing an office that looks at the future like the sun on the horizon but provides the everyday nutrients like the rain helps grow the land.

Lighting provides a connection with the natural environment humans have evolved in for millennia.

No longer a static cold light colour temperature but something dynamic that changes following the path of the sun, of the day, of life.

Areas like receptions, waiting, quite rooms, informal meetings, and hot desks have enormous potential in improving the quality of the working day.

The warm feeling of a lounge, warmer colour temperature for areas that require isolation or are used for a shorter amount of time could make the employees blossom like flowers kissed by the sun on a warmer sunny day.

Lounge or bar areas for after works drinks or Friday’s end of week drinks are more often integrated within the design.

Exhibition area, galleries not only for Clients but also for employees: to be reminded of the history of the company they proudly work for and to aim for continuously for greater achievements.

Working from everywhere, not only from the desk: this is not the future but the present.

Workplaces need to be flexible and lighting is a key factor not only for improving wellbeing and productivity but also for allowing flexibility in colour rendering when changing furniture if required or for functions. From a cooler colour temperature at midday to a warm cocktail function or dining event in the same meeting room in the evening.

Finishes beautiful like to colour of a flower blessed by the daylight, showing different shades at different time of the day.