What we do?

  • We provide a service of lighting design, working together with architects and interior designers from concept to construction, supporting the entire process including documentation of the lighting. 
  • We are in contact with many lighting suppliers, Australians and international, we specify light fittings accordantly with the design intent.
  • We take care of custom fittings, leasing with the lighting suppliers (saving time for the interior designer and the architect).
  • We look after the lighting budget.
  • We  help during the coordination process with services consultants (saving time for the interior designer and the architect).
  • We complete the  commissioning of the lighting, integrated within the  control systems and with preset scenes.
  • We make sure that from a technological and innovative point of view, using creativity as too,  the lighting enhance the design of the interiors or architectures making sure it is unique as unique is each client and that everything fits within the budget.


Design Philosophy